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with the correct 3M VHB tape and installation it's almost as strong as being bolted on.

my last bike i added a ton of accessories and on some i added VHB tape in addition to the tape the manufacturer had in place as sold. Not always but on the covers you're talking about which are relatively light weight (thinner sheet metal) you probably dont need to add any up-front. The one i installed on my shadow was a Jardine (canada) that i picked up new cheap. anyway, it was HEAVY thick chrome plate somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch think, so i doubled the amout of VHB on it. never had a problem. bought rolls of it on Ebay and used them for tons of stuff on the bike. Also i always have 72% rubbing alcohol around since getting into bikes.

Bottom line VHB tape is safe and effective when installed properly.

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