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You got it. Fill it and go!

Just another thought - If you know you are going to be riding somewhere that gas stations are few and far between. (some places out west) carry a can or 2 of TrueFuel (regular gas not mix) from Lowes or HD, its relatively cheap, comes in a metal can and will get you another 20 miles in a pinch. I get about 30mpg normally, 33-34 fast cruise on the highway and 35-36 if I really take it easy with the wrist.

Figure out what your MPG is and know about how far you can go until you are empty.

For tracking purposes I use an app called Gas Mileage (icon is a yellow background with a pump). Shows you the mpg each time you fill up and some other useful statistics. You can add multiple vehicles and there are no permissions needed for your location, data, etc etc..

2003 VTX 1800R - Cobra Speedster Longs - K&N w/decapped stock air box - Power Commander III, Rostra Cruise =

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