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Burn Outs

I’ve been around motorcycles since early childhood (I’m 45 now) & have seen ppl doing burnouts on their bikes probably since around the same time.

Until today, I still can’t figure out the point, purpose and/or enjoyment of it. Please don’t get me wrong here, in no way shape or form am I trying to judge anyone who does like doing or watching it being done, but it’s beyond me why someone would willfully damage their ride & most of its critical components for some smoke & validation from onlookers??? I can understand if you’re a teen ager or may a twenty something year old, but I’m talking about guys who are well tenured riders & have been in the saddle for even longer than most of us here..

So for those of you who do enjoy doing burnouts, can you please fill me in as to what is It that I’ve been missing here for over 4 decades already??
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