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I don't, but I have done once upon a time. The response would be the same as it is for many things that are reasonably common but difficult for some to understand and that is ... "if you gotta ask, you'd never understand".

There is a certain "Je ne sais quoi" about the whole thing that speaks to the inner child in a motorhead. And, yes, it is childish, or at the very least juvenile, but we occasionally do silly things that could be considered such ... or at least I do. I think I'd find life boring if I didn't. It's like, why would you take any bike, or car for that matter, to over 100MPH (160KPH for us metric folks), or to it's terminal speed, without having a life threatening consequence of not doing so? Think Road Warrior here. The answer is for the thrill. Juvenile in nature to be sure, but you need to feed the inner child every once in a while. Doing such things is full of risk, escalated by speed, and ages machinery for nothing more than a thrill. Yet some do it, and if you gotta ask why ....

If anyone ever asks you "why do you choose to ride a motorcycle?", a valid answer is "if you gotta ask, you'd never understand", is it not?

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