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Originally Posted by Mrjo1340 View Post
To be clear, I would never question anyone's inner child, Need for Speed or anything like that. I guess I'm looking at it more in the context of the damage you can do to the bike. Particularly the tires and brakes.
I understood that going in, and my response wasn't intended to challenge anyone, only to give you my take on it. In a big way we agree, it's abusive to the equipment and in the end fiscally draining. I laugh now when I see it, but only because I've seen the invoice at the end of that behavior. AND, if you are really unlucky, you may have to push your bike home. If you are really really unlucky, the cops will give it a nice home until you can bail it out. If things go really bad, you'll want to leave it where it died. Saw a bike go up in flames once because of such non-sense ... gas leak. I guess my point is, why do some people do what others think are stupid things? The answer is because in their minds it made sense. Don't know why, and it can't make sense to everyone, and rarely makes sense to anyone else, but I know I've been guilty of it, and can't say I'm always 100% responsible when it comes to feeding the inner child to this very day.

"It made sense at the time"

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