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When my X was new out the door of the local dealer on a cool to cold day (17 degrees) I pulled the fuel enrichment (choke) knob, hit the starter, and let run long enough to get my helmet on then pushed the "choke" in just a little, then put on my gloves. I pushed in the "choke" all the way and then off I would go.

Well now 11 years later and almost 140,000 miles I do the same procedure but I twist the throttle a couple of times before starting. After I have my helmet and push the "choke" in a little, then on with the gloves but I let it run for a short time then push the "choke" in all the way before taking off. Usually at most only one sputter after this ritual. Engine is all stock except a K and N air filter.

Both of us are 11 years older and need just a little more warm up time before performing like we did in our youth.

My VTX as used on Race Tech site.I'm70 rode 07 Black Cherry VTX 1300R to 49 States+DC & 11 Provinces, 140,000mi+Yamaha RSV,42,000mi,both w/aux tank & Race Tech SuspensionIBA:Mile Eater Bronze &Silver,SS3000,3xSS2000,EclipseSS1000Gold, 20SS1000,6xBB1500,3TX1000,NPT 29/76; Lake Superior Circle Tour 15 to 20K per yr between the two MCs
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