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Leaking Choke/Idle

Good morning all!!

I was hoping you could enlighten me with your wisdom (as I have none) to the following issues I'm having:

1. What does it mean when I pull the choke out and I get a 3-4 drops of fuel coming out? Also, the choke wants to go back in so I have to hold it out.

- Is there a gasket I need to replace? Springs I need to replace? I read that I might have to tighten the nut behind the choke.

2. I installed a tachometer a while back and I noticed that she idled high (1000 rpm's) once she was warmed up, I lowered the RPM's to about 900 and she ran great but when I went to start it the next couple of times it was too low and she would turn off.. I adjusted it up and she started right up but idles a bit high

- Is there an ideal setting for the RPM's?

Thanks in advance!!!
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