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Tires are the main cause of "wobble".
I had the good taper bearings on my 1300 and had a tire that would wobble when I let go at decel for a light or a stop sign.
Only once with one brand.

Vibration from a V-twin is normal.
Tuning will affect it.
I removed the stock mufflers and added JC whitney mufflers.
A weird vibration at 52 MPH made me want to puke.
My HK exhaust depending on what I do with the back pressure (lollipop) affects vibration.
Put your hand on the fuel tank and feel the vibes.
VTX engines have rotating balancing shafts. 1300 is single pin, 1800 has two pin crankshaft.
VTX 1300 rotating mass pix, crankshaft and balancers. A hefty crankshaft!
Latest spec I found was 41 lbs for the 1800 crankshaft.

Flat aircraft engines crankshaft have opposing pistons to minimize vibration.
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2005 1300c Red, Mustang seat, HK 2.5 straights. Leds for safety-front & back. 194,184 VTX miles

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