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The report from the Honda service says I need a new battery. So much for there telling me my battery was good when I first brought it on. And the kicker is that I found a battery load tester in my garage I forgot I bought 2 months ago, still in the box. Then they read me off the list of things I need fixed. New rear tire because wear bars note showing. Hell, I always go past that, tie only had 7,500 miles on it. Bolts missing that hold the seat down. Hell again, I told him I drilled the holes out and put pins in and told him where they were as I left them out so he could get to the battery. Small coolant leak and I told him to fix that, but he couldn't tell me what was causing it. Hell again. They had it a week and a half just to tell me the obvious. Ask how long till fixed and the answer was the parts the parts are on order. Battery they had in stock and they don't know what was causing the coolant leak, so what parts were they ordering?
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