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Originally Posted by Todd-1 View Post
My VTX riders. Lately my bike idles has changed. It's idling around 1.5 and that seems a little fast. Back in June I installed Cobra pipes and fuel management system, but the idle didn't change until recently. Any and all advice welcomed. Thx!

Hello Todd, welcome to the VTXOA! You may want to include PA and VA to find riders.
There is a state board listing off of the sub boards > Focus Groups.
The last post on the MD board was in 2015.
Search FB also.

Fast idle.
Check the vacuum hoses. Honda hoses crack/split on the inside.
The other possibility is the wax valve. Cleaning the wax valve usually cures the problem.

The Step by Step board has the info. Near the top is "Wax valve".

Looks like a 1800F, all 1800 engines are the same. C and F are similar. N/R/S/T have different fenders.
All electronics are NOT the same. There is a 1st Gen and a 2nd Gen

Edit the "Signature" to add your year and model.
VTXOA>Tools at the top of page> User CP (Control Panel) > Edit Signature

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