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Probably all true but....Harley seems to be the only company trying to put something out there for Everybody. If they do fail it won't be from a lack of trying. In that regard anyway.

I watch discussions like this and sit back and wonder why it is that so many Americans seem to want to see an American company fail. After spending time on another board for the last 18 months or so I'm starting to think that some of it is warranted. HD seems to be unwilling to listen to their customer base about some things, and also seems to turn a deaf ear at times to problems with their products, costing their customers time and money, and themselves those customers' loyalty. I don't know if the company has always been this way but it does remind me of the contempt that a lot of harley riders showed non-harley riders back in the day before Harley began outsourcing so much of their work and components out to overseas manufacturers. That hard to accept fact quieted a lot of the rider attitude, but doesn't seem to have done anything about the company's apparent disdain for the people they need the most, their customers. And this filters down to the dealerships who echo that disdain, making them dismissive at times to their own customers concerns.

Without a major change in attitude and approach to customer appreciation (in terms of price and post-sales support), I fear that things are going to get much worse for HD before they can get better.

As for myself I'm happy that I got a bike that is so enjoyable to ride. It's been very dependable, doesn't leak any fluids, and goes like a scalded goose when I twist the wick. I'm happy with my purchase.

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