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Originally Posted by Mowoc View Post
Yep. Inflation.

The best measure of how overpriced something would be is to measure Gross Profit (assuming the company is public). Honda's is 20%. HD is 38%. to put that in perspective one pays a 20% premium to ride HD.

To put it another way, they could cut the price 8k-10k on a 25k bike and still make a profit.

I suppose the utility of the HD might be higher, but that is highly subjective and would vary rider by rider. One thing is clear - the millenials see no where near the utility of riding a harley that we older farts did (as a group). HD is in deep sh*t. they will not be able to sustain that profit margin for long and demand for their product will continue to plummet unless they can pull together a pabst coup and become cool.

bottom line - harley is going to be a shell of its former self as its prime market dies and no one finds enough appeal to pay a 20% premium for their product anymore.

Uhm, you are aware that gross profit and net profit are different things, right? If you run a business on gross profit, assuming that's what goes in the bank, you'll be broke before long. My bet is margins are much tighter than you think they are. Also, your math doesn't work.

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