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Welcome, you must have either had an older Harley or got a bad new one. I too have been riding for over 30 years and have owned Honda's, Suzuki's and several Harley's and 1 Victory. The last 2 Harley's I had, a 2007 Road Glide and a 2009 Ultra Classic, were no more "Maintenance intense" than my VTX. They both needed tires, oil, plugs and air filters Harley took more oil. Harley had the belt drive but they are made of Kevlar and they last 100,000 miles but Honda also had the radiator so you change both very rarely. Other than these I spent no more time on the HD's than I did on the Honda's. I also rode the HD's all over this continent from Vancouver to Key West and all points between and I never had 1 problem on either. Well, I did have the radio's back light go out on a trip through Calgary but Calgary HD took me in right away and swapped it out in an hour and got me back on the road.

The VTX is a great bike, but so are a lot of other bikes

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