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Originally Posted by Mowoc View Post
Weird considering you haven quoted a single fact to support the case HD isn’t overpriced.

The fact is that HD is over priced. The opinion is if it is worth it.
Never mind brother. It's unlikely you'll take my point as you fail to see your "facts" are assumption and preference. It's all good, your feelings regarding this are clear. I only wanted to point out that gross profit and what ends up keeping the lights on are vastly different. It is far ... far more involved than just looking at a couple of numbers and drawing a conclusion.

I don't support a case that HDs are NOT overpriced, only that your case that they are is based on loose assumptions. That doesn't mean you are wrong, only that you can't back up your opinion with facts, because you haven't seen both sets of books. Again, it doesn't mean your opinion is incorrect. If it's not worth it to the person spending the cash, then one should buy something else. It would be foolish otherwise.

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