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I live in an area where motorcycles are big business, I see large groups of Harley riders all the time most with newer Harleys and all the gear etc heading out on road trips etc, there are still a lot of love for Harleys where I ride. They are not all old men either, groups of 15-20 men and women riders who are in their 40's and younger loving the "sport". So Harley will be around for the rest of our lifetimes and well beyond, rest assured.

Someone should get a hold of Harley's Stock prospectus and see what their plans and projections are rather than playing "pin the tail on the donkey" trying to guess.

I'm not one of them but there are plenty of people who can afford to purchase a new (big) Harley in the USA.

The electric Harley is aimed at the millennials imo and that strategy isn't over yet, no electric vehicle is low priced right now, look at Tesla. Our current political environment isn't interested in "Green" Energy" right now, which isnt helping, but that will change in time. Incentives for companies to produce electric vehicles and for people to buy them will return within the next 2-5 years and only increase i believe.

Costs for American Manufacturers, like Harley, for things like their cost for employee health benefits will change imo at some point in the not so distant future as we move to a universal healthcare system, like all the other motorcycle producing countries have.

So what happens to Harley will mirror what happens to the USA in terms of future vitality in many ways.

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