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Originally Posted by vtox View Post
Nobody is expecting them to want or receive a participation trophy. That's not the point at all. What matters is that they are not sitting on their hands, rather they are trying new things. The M8 motor is not 70 year old technology, any more than the V6 or V8 in your Chevy is. The M8 was developed from the ground up, is a four valve per cylinder pushrod engine, with a whole lot of time and money used to get as much out of it as can be. Do you think that it is older tech than the VTX 1800 or 1300? If you do, you haven't done your homework.

I don't know what you think they should do but at least they are not wringing their hands and calling the WH asking for a govt. bailout. They're trying. Survive or not, we don't know yet, but if you read their history you'll learn that they have faced worse periods of interest decline in their long, storied history. And come through them.

They don't do everything right, and they're still doing some things wrong, in my opinion which I've already stated in previous posts. But you can't (or shouldn't), fault them for trying. At least they haven't pulled the plug on all of their manufacturing here as some other companies have done.
You're coming across somewhat like Chicken Little, and also you appear to be reveling in their struggles. If the latter is true I wouldn't really expect you to be optimistic, or even objective about their situation. And you're not.

Oh, and btw, I don't believe any of their large displacement bikes are solely air cooled any longer. The Softails are oil cooled (heads), and the touring bikes are both oil and liquid cooled. And it's not just cooling of the oil itself that's taking place, the oil and the liquids are being circulated to pull heat out of the motor as well as to cool the oil.
Come on, admit it - the participation trophy crack was funny.

Back to the discussion - motorcycle sales are declining rapidly. No one wants them. I am sure there will be a small core market for HD, but it wonít be what the 90s brought them.

Either they get it together and put out a product millennials want or they are in for seriously difficult times.

I wish them luck. I showed why the bikes are overpriced relative to the competition - thatís why I wonít buy them. Well that and push rods are 70 year old technology. Overhead valves have existed long enough tht they are pretty solid.

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