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Originally Posted by Earl Riviere View Post
OK, I was thinking about several other bikes that I have owned. I would always look for a bad ground somewhere on them. I had a Chevy pickup, that had a very weak right headlight. I found a bad ground to that light also. Just trying to help.

I understand trying to help! I was trying to give you more insight of the way Honda does things.
It was not until 2006 SM schematic came out that it was shown on the drawing.
Our 1300 is easy enough to find if you add some lighting to the rear.
1800 had it all taped up on the main harness by the backbone.
It was not until someone was adding a cruise control did I find out where the 14 yellow pin connector was on the 1800.

Both 1300 and 1800 have a separate Green/Black Ground wire for the VSS + speedo/odometer head
only to the Common Electronics Ground bolt at the Front Ignition coil mounting bolt.

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