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Iím not sure what the OP has done unless I missed it when reading through.
Anyway, Iíve never had any luck with a stock seat except on a Goldwing and Ultra Classic.
Iíve used corbin, mustang and ultimate.
Although the corbin and mustang were both much better than the stock seat, I still got numb bum pretty bad.
With the Ultimate low rider without backrest I can literally do 9 hour days in comfort. For me itís the best seat Iíve ever ridden on.
Iím only 5í8Ē so the low rider works for me but I have a friend who is 6í and about 300 lbs. He said my lowrider made him feel like his balls were up on the gas tank.
Anyway, my votes for the Ultimate seat.

2004 VTX ďSĒ 1300 - Black of course cuz itís the fastest color
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