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Sorry to hear about your accident, Glad to hear you were not hurt real bad. I have laid down my other motorcycles before, but I get back on them. I does make me be more aware what is going on around me better. I used to ride horse's, I have been thrown off many time's and I would say no more riding them. I would ride a motorcycle before I would ride a horse. But then I would get back on one and ride it. Get well some, then rethink it. Good luck
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Sorry to hear about your accident. My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with you. Someone turning in front of me without warning and being rear ended are 2 of my biggest concerns.

Two weeks ago, my neighbor was stopped at a light less than a mile from our home. He admits he wasn't watching his mirrors while he was stopped. He said he was suddenly bumped forward about 2 feet. When he turned around to see what had happened, all he saw was the grill of a Cement Truck with it's bumper engaged with the trunk on his bike. He said when he saw the close call he had, his anger transitioned to relief that it wasn't worse.

I only mention this because it certainly sounds like you had an extremely close call and it's fortunate that even though you are bruised and contused it could have been a lot worse for you and your family.

Life is a Blessing, God Bless!
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Sorry to hear about your accident.
I had someone turn in front of me once and I went down. In my case, she stopped to see if I was okay and admitted to the police she never saw me.
Her insurance covered everything and I testified in court on her behalf that in my opinion she was a good citizen and the judge withheld adjudication.
I sold the bike and didn't ride again for many years. I found that I missed it and that riding is still something I want to do. I don't ride as often but I think I appreciate it more.
Clavicle: I know a couple guys that have broken that bone (I think it was that one) bicycling or skating. My observation was that if they followed directions and didn't strain the break it would heal nicely although slowly. The guy that rejected the sling because he felt fine needed surgery to remove the giant knot that formed.
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I respect your decision and glad you are relatively OK. God Speed on your recovery and enjoy whatever you choose to do
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and my co-worker is going to miss work today because a woman turned left in front of him and he went down on his CTX. He's headed to the ER to get his knee cleaned up.
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Been riding off and on now for 50 years...this last time 10 straight...so far so good...I will be 69 next month , health is declining but I need the therapy....it goes without saying that its more crowded, with more distractions out there....Prayers for a speedy recovery...mans gotta do , what a mans gotta do...good luck
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Sorry to hear about the wreck Ski. Your decision may change, but either way, please stay on the forum and participate. I wish you a quick and healthy recovery.
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I will be 69 next month , health is declining but I need the therapy...
We don't really know what we will do until we are in his position with injuries. I'm doing all that I can to not get there because I can't put a price on how much riding has meant to me. I surely hope that I have many more years to this but in the meantime, I'm taking it one day and one ride at a time. This time of year riding at near sunset, mother nature puts on a show that many people miss.

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Get well soon! And use that sling!!
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Glad you're OK!

A decision to stop riding is a personal one of course and some could rightly argue we're all crazy for subjecting ourselves to the risks. Personally, every guy I've ever talked to who gave up riding seemed to be holding onto some degree of regret about it, so I hope you have no regrets.

For what it's worth, I posted a topic on the infamous 'left hand turn' and shared the 'science' of why cagers literally pull right into motorcyclists in these left hand turns (you're invisible to them). Check out the post:


For the rest of us, Wear your 'armor' and ride like you're invisible and everyone on the road is an idiot who will do the wrong thing at the wrong time. I ride constantly looking for my #1 threat at any given second and when it passes the next #1 threat, etc. It's worked for my 35 years of riding so far in some of the worst traffic in the country (Los Angeles area) and of course some 'luck' plays into keeping the rubber on the road.

As was said, don't feel like you have to abandon the site as I'm sure you have a wealth of valuable experience you add to the members as occasion arises.
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