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skiwoods 09-14-2016 07:00 PM

I've Rode My Last Motorcycle
Well, the inevitable finally happened to me. I was heading home from work on Labor Day and going about 45 MPH when a car made a left turn right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and the bike and I went down. I was wearing dress slacks, a short sleeve button down shirt, and a helmet. My clavicle is broken in two places, three fractured ribs, Stiches in my face, road rash all over - especially the face and forearms. My helmet, more of a skull cap, is scraped badly and the visor is trashed. My riding gloves also did their job for the most part. The individual who turned in front of me kept going. It was not at an intersection, but on a 4 lane road with a median for turn lanes. My daughter called the restaurant in front of where this happened and they have a surveillance camera that caught everything. It's not hi res, so no license plate. I hope they catch the person, but I'm not going to let it bug me if they don't. Plenty of witnesses saw it all and paramedics were there almost immediately. I'm thankful for my helmet and wish I was wearing my riding jacket.

I have made the easy decision (for me) to never ride again. I enjoyed riding as we all do, but this was too close of a call for me. I know it could have been much worse, and I consider myself fortunate to be alive. God forbid I was paralyzed or a vegetable. I don't want to sway anyone hear from continuing riding, it's clearly a personal decision. We have all known someone who has gone through something like this, and we continue to ride. I just wanted to share my story. It's part therapy for me and we can all learn from something like this. Please, everyone continue to ride safely and defensively. As for me, I will be in my car (windows down and sunroof open) watching and praying for motorcycles.

jammerwalker 09-14-2016 07:15 PM

Understandable, but when I had my wreck (similar situation of someone on a side street running a stop sign), I opted to continue riding, and get better protective gear instead.
Just cause you're no longer riding, though, doesn't mean you have to go away from here. Many of us don't really care, and others have moved on to other brand bikes, and it doesn't matter. You have to do what you feel is best for you, and I respect that.

BTW, was the bike completely trashed, or could it be fixed? And, are you thinking about selling it?

frnkcat 09-14-2016 07:46 PM

Sad to hear this, hope you heal fast and like new quickly... :)
I have the same thoughts now & then. At 71+ (72 in Jan) I get that funny feeling now and then.
Like I need to stop riding.
It passes and I enjoyed a beautiful day today in 78* sunshine riding the twisties, switchback & hairpin turns. Then on to some glorious back hwy rides....
SUV in front of me at a construction site had a little girl in back (in a child seat).
She started waving at me, then gave me a thumbs up....
I knew I was riding for the right reasons at that moment..................
Stay Frosty my Friend...


skinnaird 09-14-2016 08:20 PM

Sorry to hear of you accident.
I have a bad hip and have a fear of not being able to control or support the bike at times.
I went with the Voyage Trike Kit to allow me to keep riding.
Give yourself some time to heal and think through your decision.
Would hate to see you give up something you enjoy because some idiot pulled out in front of you.

Take care!

skiwoods 09-14-2016 08:31 PM

I'm thinking it's totaled. Either way I will not be keeping the bike. I'll go look at the bike when I'm more mobile and willing to look at it.

BigRedFlamin-X 09-14-2016 08:39 PM

Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad you didn't get hurt any worse.

I'll tell you the same thing people were telling me when I was seriously thinking of hanging up the boots just two months ago after I wiped out my CTX1300 all by myself: give it some time. I don't think I broke any bones, but I did smack up my elbow and shoulder pretty good, enough that they're both still sore.

For the first week after, I was pretty sure I did not want to ride again, as I did not want to risk another mishap that might leave me in worse shape than the bike. As it was, the bike was borderline-totaled -- I could have had them just fix the major stuff, or tally up every scratch and dent and write the whole thing off. I was in that negative state of mind and had them just total it. With that done and a good insurance check, I could take my time deciding what to do next. As it turned out, it was only about another week later that I started thinking I was feeling the itch again, so I started looking around at possible replacements. Still undecided on whether I'd pull the trigger or not, I figured I'd know if/when something struck my fancy. That's when I stumbled back on the 'new' Valkyrie. Did some research and soul-searching, and my wife of all people reminding me that I'm not that old yet (58) and I still have some good riding years left. Long story short (if it's not too late for that already), I got a decent deal on a new Valk.

I'm still not all the way back mentally -- I'm not back to that peg-scraping confidence yet. But I am enjoying this ride very much, and I'm glad I didn't listen to my first instinct and hang it up for good. These things can definitely scare the crap out of you. Whatever you do from here is your decision. If you really enjoy riding, that desire may at some point overcome the fear. Or you may really be done. Whichever way you go, I hope you heal up quick and get back to doing what makes you happy.

chuck_VTX F 09-14-2016 09:01 PM

take the time to heal.

decide at a better time.

when I had the bad one... after awhile. I went and got much better schooling on riding. but that was me..

and YES, I have lost friends in car/cycle wrecks.

VTX53R 09-14-2016 09:04 PM

Sorry to hear of your mishap. Glad things turned out as well as they did for you. As you said, could have been much worse.
I've given thought to a trike or sports car or something.... there have been so many motorcycle accidents and such this year.
I sincerely hope you enjoy whatever you do to replace the VTX.
Happy trails

Travis311 09-14-2016 11:02 PM

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I've been down 3 times and each was my own fault. This was the last time. I can truthfully say that my focus and attention is now 100% on riding, where I'm at, and whats going on around me.

Attachment 87529

Not riding is not an option and like the rest of you, I've known guys who have died, been incapacitated, and some that have quit due to the idiots we are up against.

The risk is worth the medicine! The quality of my life has been greatly enhanced because of riding, not because of the brand of bike or the people that I know.

Curt E 09-15-2016 06:34 AM

Get well fast.

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