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dezzy7 09-29-2016 11:28 AM

New Lid, Great Price!
All things come to an end and my HJC-Sy-Max was no exception. I didn't realize I had owned it for 8 yrs until I notice a few signs of minor wear on the inside and went back to see when I actually purchased it. Dang thing still looked almost new on the outside. I give HJC a 9 on this helmet a little quieter and it would have been a 10. Nevertheless, after spending a couple of months looking and trying on new helmets I decided to go with a Nolan N104 Evo. I'd liked the Nolan N90 back in the day but never forked over the cash to buy one. Not that I didn't think my noggin was worth it but the HJC Symax seemed just as good for a couple of hundred dollars less.

Now times have changed and the Nolan N104 Evo had some great reviews and was a great fit for my head. When I tried it on a month or so ago it was selling for $449.00. Now its selling for $259.00!!! Good thing I waited If your looking for a new modular lid I don't think you can beat this deal without adding another $300-$400 to it.


Britabroad 09-29-2016 11:53 AM

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Looks like a great buy, & well worth a 9/10 helmet.

Just to sidetrack your great find, (also realise l'm a greenhorn Brit on these matters) what is the "right" helmet
to wear on a large cruiser, because I have a flip face & a standard (multi coloured) Bell full face, but have been advised (by my 'mercun missus) that I should be wearing a half helmet to add to the "old geek on a bike" badass attitude I need to develop.

I realise that full face is the sensible way to go, 'specially seein' as how I am fighting the sensibility of putting my quick detach windscreen back on the bike, but l'm a looks over practicality kind o' guy, even if my neck muscles size has doubled & my arms are 2inches longer than before l bought the bike.......................

dezzy7 09-29-2016 12:33 PM

It really hard to say what the "right" helmet is for someone. It all depends on a number of things like: 1) make sure its DOT or the UK equivalent; ensure it fit securely but comfortably on your noggin; 3) determine what type of helmet you want (half lid, full face, modular, etc.). Beyond that its the rider's choice. I actually have a combination of helmets, modular, 3/4 and half helmets. Typically ride with my modular so I can flip it up when sightseeing, and have full face protection on the road at speed. Typically, I only wear the half helmet when I'm stop and go at a bike rally type event and doing more walking the bike than actually riding.

Ultimately, its your choice, but you can check out some of the helmet reviews on sites that DO NOT sale helmets. I have found those to be the most unbiased reviews.

VTXRN 09-29-2016 01:56 PM

Looks nice wish I could justify it.

wngd 09-29-2016 10:27 PM

I own 7-8 helmets and they're all half :smile2:
Actually, that's not true, I have a full face for my girls....

Charlie D 09-30-2016 02:10 AM

So where do you get that price

jthree 09-30-2016 09:15 AM

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Originally Posted by Charlie D (Post 4099938)
So where do you get that price

What he said. I can't find it anywhere even close that price

dezzy7 09-30-2016 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by jthree (Post 4100098)
What he said. I can't find it anywhere even close that price

I bought it from www.MotorcycleGear.com which use to be New Enough. Here's the link

You can google Nolan n104 Evo and find several vendors at that price or close. I think Nolan will be releasing something new between now and spring, but I've never seen their top of the line helmets at this price. Plus it includes the new "no fog" pinlock shield which eliminate for on the face shield.

Britabroad 09-30-2016 11:08 AM

He's spot on with the price guys, like he said MSRP: $449.95, Our Price: $259.00

I also like my modular up to now for protection when on the move & better all round vision when poodling around town centers or places of interest, the only problem is when l forget it's flipped up & pick up some speed after the sightseeing episode!!!!:surprise:

jthree 09-30-2016 11:15 AM

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That's a great deal. I've ordered from those guys before. They have some phenominal deals on occassion and excellent customer service

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