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What Do you Think The Pros & Cons of the X Are?

I’m curious to know what some of you Love & what you dislike about the VTX 1800. I know some of your experiences, preferences will be unique in your own perspectives. Let me begin by saying that my addiction with the X started about a year before I actually bought mine spring of 2017. My previous Scoot was a 2003 Honda Shadow ACE. While I really liked the ACE (yes I am partial to Hondas) I felt that it was really underpowered for my needs despite any mods I tried to do it.

One of my buddies that I ride with was selling his 2002 1800C & was holding off on posting it online pending the sale of my ACE which didn’t end up happening mainly because the market was saturated with Honda Shadows & I had no takers. I didn’t end up getting that one as he couldn’t wait any longer.

Fast forward to Feb 2018 in the dead of winter I saw an add for a 2006 1800C for $5,500 with 25,000 miles on it. This was an older gent with bad knees said he was looking for a lighter ride as the X was too heavy for him now. He had expressed interest in my Shadow as he said that would be the perfect size & weight for his situation.

He agreed to take my Shadow + some $$$

It worked out for everyone!

Now here is my own opinion about what I like & dislike about the X & I’d really like for you guys to chime in on your opinions/experiences as well.


Great power
Looks sharp
Value for the $$
Decent Handling for its weight
Strong reliable motor (Duh it’s a Honda)

Top Heavy
Motor gets really hot even in slight traffic
Finnicky electrical components (starter assembly & Turn signal switches require frequent cleaning to work properly)
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As a note, I have a 1300r, not an 1800.

Engine Size (not many Asian big displacement bikes out there)

Aftermarket support is dying out.

I came from a Kawasaki ZX12r Ninja that was in production model years 2000-2005 (in the US, 2006 overseas) only. So, there was limited aftermarket support for that bike even when in production. The VTX even at it's age seems like the Ford Mustang aftermarket to me (so much more then my last bike)... But, unfortunately, manufactures have to move on to newer, still in production bikes.

2009 VTX1300R
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1300 does not get very hot, not as top heavy.

One cleaning of Ign switch and TS switch in 189k miles is not bad.
I did have relays for a few years to switch HL current, when I went to Led lights then the 60% current drop no longer needed the relays.
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2005 1300c Red, Mustang seat, HK 2.5 straights. Leds for safety-front & back. 192,235 VTX miles
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That's a good point that I forgot to mention. A lot of parts and accessories for the VTX her simply not being manufactured anymore. Therefore Ali their end up getting nothing or have to resort to the use Mark and if it's still available.
It's also worth noting since I have a brown Mustang seat, getting matching saddlebags are a pain in the rear end. I had to order mine out of a place called Viking luggage Mountain California. They're currently on backorder and I'm still waiting.
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My 06 1300R only has 50k but looks like new...regular maintainance and with exception of water pump and ing switch cleaning (should be part of routine) zero issues..I bragged about mine so much brother bought a 07 1300C..he to is a happy camper
My health limits my riding now..thought about selling as I hate for chit to sit...but will give to my brother when can no longer ride...

Pro’s-almost bullet proof
Cons-None for me
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Phil...(71)”Nobody told me I die at the end”
2006 (bought new)...1300R Candy Black Cherry,darkside,foots mod.. ..

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wife retired from riding behind me on the Wing... 2004

I said I needed a new bike....
a downgrade, smaller lighter. .... I test road a few VTX's.... and learned late 2004... the New 2005 1800 "F" was about to be put into production..

so I ordered one.. and still have it today. 86,000 miles..

I am from the sport bike World...

my wings always had a stable mate of a sport bike.. 1984 to 2002.. different of each along the way.
3 wings,, 2 sport bikes

9 Honda's in my life.. 50 years.. no gaps ..
7 were purchased NEW.

to your question.
the 1800... is a little of a goldwing... and a bit more of a sport bike.

forward controls... for my bad knees.. so I can continue to ride.
and I still hang-off.. just for fun.. and dragging pegs..
I am only "OLD" when I am not riding...
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2005 VTX1800 F, type II, Silver Tribal, 86,000 Miles, Purchased Feb, 2005.
MTC clutch & springs.. K&N Air Filter. Garmin 2597 GPS.

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Hmmm, good post. I too am late to the 1800 party. I had two different VTX1300 bikes, an S and a C model, also a whole host of other bikes spaced in-between. I like the weight of this machine, it feels so planted going down the road. I live in a very windy
part of the US and that weight helps. I like the brakes , plenty of authority and I enjoy the linked feature. Of course , we all love
the looks and the engine. I especially like the way it revs, I hit the rev-limiter every few days. Especially in 2nd, and third when
I'm really having fun.

For balance I should tell that I ounce had a Harley. It was a 2007 Softail Custom and it was a sweety. Sorry I traded that one as I was in the middle of a job change and a move. Harley has a certain sweetness in the turns that is hard to describe. I love all bikes
and I hope I'm not done trying all of them one at a time.

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I also owned a Honda Shadow ACE before my VTX 1800C which I traded in 2003.

linked brake system
availability of aftermarkt parts(not anymore)
online help from the VTXOA community

weak shocks and springs
limited tank capacity
some electrical issues
less cruising feeling than a Harley, the main reason I also have a Fatboy.
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brothers in arms:
2003 VTX 1800C (new)
2002 HD FLSTF since 07/2008

" Today you raised more questions than giving answers "

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I have a 02 1800c. I wish it had a bigger fuel tank.
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Originally Posted by Goneridding1800c View Post
I have a 02 1800c. I wish it had a bigger fuel tank.

That's the same and only 'issue' I have with my 2003 1800s.

It just means I have to stretch my legs every 2 hours instead of 2.5 hours and on longer trips in some states have to plan fuel stops a little more diligently.

I can live with that.

2003 1800s, 88k miles
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