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lil indian was my first minibike
then on to a honda ct70
dirt bikes all up to about 17 then a break from bikes from age 17 to about 30 years old.

probably a good thing as i was a party animal.
worked out pretty well

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One ride on the back of my sister's boyfriend's Triumph Bonneville and I was hooked.
The boyfriend after that never had a bike again, but he and my sister will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary next year.
I'd love to make a bike trip to the anniversary celebration and thank him (again) for getting me hooked, but the bridge between LA and Brisbane won't be finished by then.
I may have to fly.
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2003 1800s, 88k miles
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Originally Posted by Lou_VTX View Post
I was born as a boy, with a penis.

Isn't that a sufficient trigger for most boys?? *shrug*

I will let my old sonogram speak for itself:

I just looooove that clip.

2003 1800s, 88k miles
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He day I turned 16 (1965) I got my drivers license. 2 weeks later my father bought himself a 125 Kawasaki to commute to work. The following week I went into the license office and told them I wanted to get my license for a motorcycle.
The guy asked me if I rode there and I told him I did. He told me to go for a 15 minute ride and then come see him. I asked him if he was coming with me and he said that he wasnít. He told me that if I made it back, heíd give me the license. He did.
Anyway, although it was my dads bike, I rode the snot out of it and caught the fever.
I then bought myself a 305 Honda Super Hawk which I also rode the snot out of.
A friend had a gorgeous 175 Bridgestone 2 stroke that seemed faster than greased lightning. We ended up trading bikes with each other. I spent 2 summers street racing muscle cars with that bike. I donít think I ever lost a race but I did end up with a broken collar bone by thinking it was cool to skid to a stop by using the front brake only (not good when you hit an oil slick).
Anyway, I got married in 1971 and no more bikes for about 5 years.
Next was a Honda CB350 which I kept until 1980 and then stopped riding for no apparent reason (probably cash flow when I think back.
In 2005 I retired and got back into biking with a vengeance and have ridden over 300,000 miles since then.
I wonít list all the bikes Iíve had since 2005 but there have been 17 of them (yes I like changing). Same wife for 48 years though.
Best touring bike Iíve had is Goldwing 1500
Second best touring is Goldwing 1800 (better in town than the 1500 but 1500 was awesome highway bike)
Third best touring is Harley Ultra Glide (better seats than the Goldwings but not as smooth
And on and on and on.
Iím now on my second VTX 1300 and am really enjoying it as Iím no longer doing the long distance touring that we were as my wife doesnít want to ride on the back anymore and doesnít want her own bike.
Iím not sure what Iíll be riding next week but Iím hoping to keep my VTX until Iím done riding.
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2004 VTX ďSĒ 1300 - Black of course cuz itís the fastest color
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At about 6 or 7 my dad bought me a brand new Cheetah. Chrome extended forks,chrome sissy bar,seat cover looked like cheetah skin, 5 hp briggs n stratton. Nobody else i knew had a bike that didn't need pedals.
My brother and I rode the wheels off it,we figured out to put a foot up behind the motor and push. It better be pointing in the right direction because it was going to get there quick.
After about 3 years my dad was tired of trying to keep it fixed and traded it for 2 functional bicycles. So i pedalled until I was 11 and dad got me a '73 CL100 with 400 miles on it. It seems my cousin dumped it and was scared to get back on it. At 12 years old I was fixing things so mom and dad would buy broke down bikes from neighbors,friends, whoever, and I would figure out what's wrong and little brother and cousins had something to ride. I would put rings or a timing chain in friends bikes so they could ride too.Many Z50,QA50,SL70,XL70,XL100,,125 ,up to XL 350 before I turned 14, got my driver's license for bikes 250cc or less. I had been riding on street since I was 12, bike was legal,I wasn't. At 14 I got a brand new 1976 CJ360T, had 21 miles on it in 1977. Wasn't legal on it for 2 more years. From there it was 900F,wow, a fully dressed 75 GL1000, CB750F,yama 550, 750 shadow spirit and now a VTX 1300. I would have to say the Z50 is my all time favorite, I've owned several of them,taught my 4 kids to ride on one, and wish I had one now to teach my grandkids on.
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It started with bicycles. I was 4 when I learned to ride a two wheeler. Then I could hang our with the big boys, 6 year olds. We would ride around the neighbor hood pretending to be a motorcycle gang with cards in our spokes. This was the norm for years. We all wanted a motorcycle but I think I am the only one who actually owned one later in life.

I was probably in junior high when my uncle gave me a ride on a 1947 Harley 74. He was known to ride fast. We went out of town doing over 100. I was hooked.

When I was 16 my uncle loaned me that same Harley to ride whenever and where ever I wanted to, suicide clutch and all. Man, was I in heaven. I had to buy me a motorcycle.

At 14 in Oklahoma we could get a scooter license. Mom would not hear of it. She said if I could buy one then I could have one. I mowed lawns to earn money but never had enough. But at 16 I got a real job and eventually I bought a Harley two stroke I think 165cc from Mike Lewis Cycles in Lawton, Oklahoma. No speedometer, a light bulb for a headlight, no key, very heavy, but it was mine. I rode the piss out of it. Took it over some jumps, rough on the spokes, rode on dirt roads, had a lot of fun.

I sold it when I was a senior and dad was on orders for Germany. Upon returning I had a BSA Lightning. I was in and out of motorcycles until 1982 when I sold my last one. However, I still was a recovering motorcyclist.

After 26 years, moving to Texas, and at 59 I bought my Honda VTX 1300R in April 2008. It has taken me 138,000 miles, 49 states, all provinces and territories of Canada with paved roads except Newfoundland (broke my leg in Nova Scotia or I would have made it to NF) plus many Iron Butt Rides.

Oh, remember I mentioned Mike Lewis selling me my first MC. Just last fall I was in Lawton visiting friends so I stopped by his shop to let him know he is the on who sold me my first dose of motorcycle addiction. He smiled and gave me a tour of his shop and some of his custom bikes. He donated one to the AMA Motorcycle Museum. He was cleaning the place out and retiring. Amazing, after over 55 years he was still in the same location.

My VTX as used on Race Tech site.I'm70 rode 07 Black Cherry VTX 1300R to 49 States+DC & 11 Provinces, 138,000mi+Yamaha RSV,40,000mi,both w/aux tank & Race Tech SuspensionIBA:Mile Eater Bronze &Silver,SS3000,3xSS2000,EclipseSS1000Gold, 20SS1000,6xBB1500,3TX1000,NPT 29/76; Lake Superior Circle Tour 15 to 20K per yr between the two MCs
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When I was about 10 years old my best friend had an old mid 70's Honda 125 (this was in the late 90's). I thought that was pretty cool and started telling my old man about. So he said "let's go see what we have out at the farm". In the back of the tool shed was an old Kawasaki 350 with what looked to be about 8 years of dust on it. It took a little TLC but my dad and I got it running in about a week. That was my first bike and me and my buddy rode the crap out of those old bikes every summer for a lot of years. It was a great bike to learn on because they where so old that if I wrecked it I wasn't really out much. But those old bikes where indestructible and I learned a lot about how to keep a bike running. The phrase "they don't make em' like they use to" was definitely true of those bikes.
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Memory Lane: How did you get in to riding motorcycles?

Well my story isnít too exciting. When I was 17 I had a buddy selling his Honda Interceptor 500, I was definitely interested but didnít have the cash and needed help from mom. She said sheíd help only if I took the Motorcycle Safety course. So I signed up, and she did too.

I got the Interceptor and rode it for a few years through college but then needed a car and couldnít afford both so I sold the bike. Mom kept riding.

I turned 30, my wife was pregnant with my son and mom was selling her 750 Vulcan. I rode it for a few weeks, thinking I would buy it from her, but the timing wasnít right.

At 43, the time was right. I picked up a 2006 750 Shadow and rode it for 3 1/2 years, I loved the bike but always felt it was under powered.

Last year I won a weekend rental of a Harley at a local charity ride. I rode the Ultra Classic for 3 days, wow, nice bike.

But not $35K nice. I decided right then I needed a bigger bike. Within a month I found my X. I love it.

Sitting on my VTX making vroom vroom sounds.
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2006 Shadow Aero 750 (sold Oct 2018 )
2008 VTX1300T

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Early 60's a short ride on a H-D as a passenger on a hardtail. Neighbor tilted seat up to engage a spring when a passenger was on also.

Brother in law in MS had a Puch briefly, I rode that a little. Master link fell off, farmer gave me a coat hanger and pliers to repair, got back to house.
Later he had a CB350 which I bought from him in mid to late 70's.

1981 I bought a Yamaha XS850SH, 39,4xx miles to 2006
Late 2004, early 2005 I briefly rode Bro n law's 1300 and his son's Shadow 750.
Retired in late 2004.
6/8/2005 the VTX come into my life. It has been a great ride.
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2005 1300c Red, Mustang seat, HK 2.5 straights. Leds for safety-front & back. 193,118 VTX miles

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Growing up everything I had put a motor on it....entering 7th grade met Jimmy Cotton..he had a brand new white cushman eagle...I rode bitch every where...I was hooked...finances didnt allow for a lot of motorcycles but was able to have a few down thru the years......
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Phil...(71)ĒNobody told me I die at the endĒ
2006 (bought new)...1300R Candy Black Cherry,darkside,foots mod.. ..
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