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I have seven bikes. They are all registered and ridden. I would sell a few of them, but the values are so low that I will keep them, because I enjoy riding each one. And I enjoy looking at each one. Registration and insurance is cheap. I tried to sell my ST-1300 early this summer, but there was zero interest in the bike, so I will keep it. I have son's and grandkids, and they can divvy them up.
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There's a bunch of them for sale in the Portland, OR area as well (unfortunately, mine is among those). Both 1300's and 1800's going for great prices!

Originally Posted by TLynn View Post
Wondering if there are fewer riders in my area. Older guys hanging it up and younger guys are riding smaller sport bikes or not at all. The people I speak to about riding here all respond about how dangerous it is. For me, I love riding and dislike wasting time sitting in commute traffic.
I couldn't agree more.

With the Baby Boomers retiring and the Millennials working more bigger metro areas, there's more demand for the smaller "commuter" bikes and less demand for cruisers. Hence why Harley is doing so poorly, but Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki are doing great with their sub-1000CC bikes. This article does a pretty good job of summing up what I've read, heard from other riders, and experienced for myself:

When I was going to San Jose State a few years back, my 1300 was usually the largest bike among all the others. Everyone else rode either sport bikes or small cruisers (Shadows, Boulevards, Nighthawks), and it always seemed like they had an easier time lane-splitting on 101/280/87.

04 VTX 1300C

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Originally Posted by TLynn View Post
I purchased a 14 Valk and advertised my heavily customized 1800C for $5,800. I have lowered it $100 every week and now down to $3,800 with no interest. Eventually it will be free. 🤪
Originally Posted by Donnie Downer View Post
Its the car tire killing interest

May as well just keep it.
I also have a 15 Valk.... keeping the X cause I aint giving it away.
Well, I second the car tire comment...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
- The ill-fitting wrap-around front fender, ahem, paired with small rear fender and forward controls.
- the extra small turn-signals and tail light.

$3800 might be getting to about right for stock. Maybe these personal touches are keeping the interest at bay. Try putting the stock back on.
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I've had several offers to buy my 2003 for 5 grand but it is not for sale, only have 8000 miles might have something to do with it.

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Tough market

Our economy in general is in a 'hold' pattern with rumors of pending/threatening recession. In addition the market for big bikes has been on the steady decline for years. It's a buyers market so your laments are all signs of the times. The car tire is also something that will turn off a lot of buyers, as was previously mentioned.

Check the want ads in your area to see what the median asking price for your bike is so you're not pricing yourself out. Never expect that you'll get what you put into your bike accessory-wise, as often one thing you added that turns you on turns someone else off. Also many buyers distrust an obviously modified bike even if there might be a few that are attracted to the mods. Some sellers cannibalize (part out) all the custom parts and sell the bike stock and make more that way.

If it's any consolation your bike looks bad azz. Good luck.
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There is only one group calling for or praying for recession and doom, I would not buy a bike with that tire on it plus the only thing I will buy that I have to work on nowadays would be a house or business that I can flip for double.

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Originally Posted by skeeter69392 View Post
yes it is!!
tons of vtx 1300 for sale up here in new york with under 10.000 miles.
get them all day long for 3,500 bucks or lower and in really great condition.
mine with almost 40.000 miles makes it a low value bike...i would be lucky to get 2,500 for it
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The market for motorcycles, and cruisers in particular, is softer than it has been in the past.... From what I have read, fewer people are riding and the millennials (if they ride at all) are going for the sport bikes or those little grom things....

I bought my 2002 1800 fully loaded with 18K on the clock for 4K a few months ago..... If I had let it sit I could have picked it up for less but it was the one I really wanted....

There were about 10 in my area for sale and most have them are still sitting..... Most of them were priced higher with more miles though...

2003 VTX 1800S
F Style wheels, Vance and Hines Pipes
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I thought the same thing about a year ago, I thought at first I was imagining things but there really are less bikes on the road I see packs of Harley with middle aged people or 600cc crotch rockets with the younger generation or those little Honda...ruckus? Sadly I think the hey day of the big bikes is behind us just like the true days of the hotrod ended in the early 70's
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But those 70’s muscle cars are still the coolest things on the road....just like the VTX. 😄

2003 VTX 1800S
F Style wheels, Vance and Hines Pipes
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