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Why are Motorcycle unit sales dropping

Why are Motorcycle unit sales dropping and why are millennial's apparently not nearly as interested in riding?
Thought we could focus on this in this thread.

Just thoughts, but i wonder how much effect the last recession had on millennials. They grew-up seeing mom and dad scramble to keep the house and job, selling their toys for pennies on the dollar...
Are they just scared? Is it economic fear? Makes sense to me.


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It's not just millenials, gen-Z is not purchasing toys either. Many of these people grew up with video games, smartphones and social media. Riding bikes, and for that matter, outdoor enjoyment toys seems very low on the list. It's not that there are none that enjoy these things, but there are more than enough that would rather not. Much of the sense of entitlement we experience from these generations speaks to a lack of ambition. Without ambition one cannot afford such toys. I know more kids now that cannot drive a car (no license), never really learned to ride a bicycle, and have no desire to acquire a car or bike. They seem happy to live through social media and order food online from UberEats or something. Again, it's not all by any stretch, but enough that the number of individuals purchasing toys is diminished.

I also think there's additional financial pressure on these generations that limit spendable cash. Many don't understand working and saving for what one wants. Many find themselves well in debt before a car or motorcycle is even a consideration, and by that time, there's just no way to make it happen. I am seeing a lot of this in my son's circle of friends.

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Because bikers donít have participation trophies?
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Remember when you were a kid you would pedal your bicycle up and down the street and as you got older across town. And later if you were lucky you got a mini-bike or dirt bike. How many kids grow up doing these things in today's world. This is where a interest in two wheels begins. If you grow up playing video games because your parents say other activities are unsafe. Chances are you'll never get on a motorcycle.
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I googled Gen-Z which i was not aware of, thanks. I may have been confusing the Millennials with Gen-Z. The Gen-Z age range was what i was thinking about in my OP when i talked about growing up in the last recession 2007-2009.
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a 1972 Honda CB750 ( new ) was $1,500 out the door...
a 1975 Honda Goldwing ( new ) was $ 3,500 out the door..
a 1986 Honda Goldwing SEi.. the most Tech motorcycle made at that time...
and first Honda motorcycle to pass the scale of $10,000

putting that aside...

the number of bikers converting to Trikes ( Can Am's ) and such....
many have died or are Dying...

everyone that I rode with 15 years ago... stopped riding ( age ).. or are dead..

then there is the price of a New bike....

back then a part time side job could pay for a New bike..
today... its a Full time job to pay for one.

something to look up..
the "YOUNG" of today... the number of young getting drivers license is WAY DOWN..
the cost of ownership.. of a car/motorcycle is so high .. its scaring away the young.

then the issue of a costly cell phone.... clothes that are "IN" TODAY...

my opinion.
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I enrolled both my millennial son and myself in the two-day rider course last September as a way to 'bond' since we hadn't done much together in a long time. He enjoyed the bike course and got his motorcycle license.. in fact, he's always loved riding any kind of motorized recreational vehicle. But then it got complicated. I went and bought the VTX while he bought nothing. He has enough cash saved up to buy a couple of brand new Harleys but he refused to get anything. Instead, he was bugging me for the keys to MY bike... Like the others said in this thread, the younger generation has too many distractions.. too much stimulation from the Internet. Apparently Japan is awash in porn, but young people aren't into sex any more. The real thing is too messy, too complicated. And NO, I don't lend my bike to anyone. Maybe what needs to happen is for manufacturers to scale back capacity. Events will decline for a while. But eventually there will be a rebound. Those of us who continue to ride will need better defensive skills. We're probably going to meet more antagonistic millennials on the road with no moral compass or concern for biker safety. It'll get worse before it gets better.
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I'm not a young pup by any means but speaking for myself I can't justify the prices of the new bikes. Not when you have good, low mileage/low priced older bikes in abundance.

The younger people are dealing with student loans and all the other costs associated with starting families. The normal ones anyways. It is more difficult to move up the corporate ladder when older workers are putting off retirement for many reasons. It slows down the progression ($) of things. I also think people's leisure priorities, in part due to the above, are just different from generations past. It is hard to be on social media when riding a bike. Something the younger crowd cannot live without.

It all ties in to texting in the crapper. That mentality of social media need must be all consuming.

I haven't watched TV (I do watch streaming movies or Red Box) in ten years and I don't miss it one bit. Won't miss my damn smartphone either if it keeps pissing me off.

That is all I got . . . tired.
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When you are young you want what everyone else has . . when you are old you want what everyone else had.
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My sons used to enjoy riding with pop. They grew up an have no interest to own one now.
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