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Question about adding too much fuel

Iíve done searches but found nothing so hereís my situation on my 2004 VTX 1300. The bike is bone stock.
I just got the bike this month but have used a few tanks of gas already and the bike runs great.

The last 2 times that I filled the gas tank, I put in as much gas as possible (probably to high in the filler neck?).
Anyway, both times I rode 2 miles to get home after filling with gas and I notices that gas had run onto the paint on the gas tank.
Nothing dripping so obviously not a lot.
Right away I wiped the gas off and then waxed the tank.
Today, after waxing the tank and waiting about 3 hours, I went out for a ride of about 40 miles.
Got home and no fuel on the tank but I parked in the garage and closed the garage door. When I went out to the garage an hour later, there was a really strong fuel smell in the garage.
The petcock is dry and I canít find any sign of wet fuel under the bike.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


2004 VTX ďSĒ 1300 - Black of course cuz itís the fastest color
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Leave some room for expansion.
Do you fill it up while on sidestand aka kickstand or do you straddle it and hold it vertical??

The fuel tank has a vent on the right rear side.
A bit of hose then a Tee and more hose. The Tee is a vacuum breaker in case the bottom hose is in water.

Remove air filter to see if gas is in the air box.
Extreme lean may cause a leak(rare) or the float needle valve may not be shutting fuel flow.

Fuel tank cap gasket good???

The OEM petcock is vacuum controlled to stop fuel flow with engine off.
Verify if you have that. A leak may turn to vapor and not leave any drops - examine carefully.

Check your oil level (oil stick sitting on top of hole, NOT screwed in) while straddling the X to hold it upright aka vertical..
Also smell the oil...

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I'll throw in my $0.02 worth and agree with Hans completely. One thing that I stopped doing, when I got my X, was straddling the bike when I filled her up. Now I leave it on the side stand, so when the tank is full, and I stand her up, there is a little extra room on top. It also makes the cap go back on easier.
My bladder can never outlast my fuel tank anyway, so for me, it's a mute point to fill it up as far as I can!!!!
Safe Riding.

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Thanks for the replys guys. Iíll definitely pull the filter today and check.
I fill it on the side stand and will definitely stop the practice of filling it to the very top. The comment about my ass needing a rest before the tank is empty is absolutely true and I was actually thinking that after I saw the fuel on the tank.

2004 VTX ďSĒ 1300 - Black of course cuz itís the fastest color
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I always fill mine on the side stand to the bottom of the filler neck or just above.....IMHO...any thing more aint gonna make that much of a difference......

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So I removed the air filter and everything is bone dry.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

2004 VTX ďSĒ 1300 - Black of course cuz itís the fastest color
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I always filled mine to the very top, especially while I was on the road (every liter you know). I never got anything come out of the filler lid.

Regarding the smell of gas. Maybe if it was right full you may get some come out the vent, but more likely it's just the tank gassing off. When you fill the tank the gas is cold. So you fill (possible scenario) the tank to the top, and park it. You now have a hot engine right below the tank of cold gas. That hot engine will start to warm up that gas and it will expand, and even if not filled to the top, will start to gas off (evaporate due to heat). It has to. And because the tank is vented, it will vent into your garage.

When I get home from work, I always know if my son has been out riding that day because the garage smells of fuel. The more the ability of the engine to warm the fuel in the tank, the more fuel vapor needs to escape. This is why modern cars have carbon canisters. The canisters capture the fuel from the vapor, and those vehicles won't smell of fuel. As far as I know California specific VTXs have a vapor canister. California requires them.

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On my 2005 VTX 1300C, I experienced a similar situation of gas smell etc, but no liquid on paint. Mine turned out to be a tiny crack in fuel line downstream of petcock. Just enough to cause a slow drip that evaporated before reaching ground. Then found a split on my 2005 VTX 1800N late last year. 14 year fuel lines are becoming somewhat brittle, but pretty cheap to replace.
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i always grab one of the paper towels that most gas stations have hanging on a dispenser the fold it and cover the gas nozzle both going to the tank and away from the tank when done filling. got tired of gas dribbling from the nozzle onto the tank. If your not paying close attention when removing the nozzle from the tanks filler neck when done filling up, especially at some stations you could have an ounce or two of gas spill on the bike.
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I only fill up to the top when I know that within minutes I'll be emptying the tank again, as is 'riding'.
If I know the bike will be standing for a while, like when I get home, I'll leave plenty of room; I rarely fill up anyway when I get home.
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