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buster711 07-10-2019 11:10 AM

Backfire on decel
Hi folks, I bought this 07 VTX 1300 about 12 days ago in Ohio...The whole way back to Pa. ran like a champ..Has ran like a champ UNTIL while planning a trip to Fla on July 19th figured should do some maintenance....Probably should have left it alone with only 24k miles on it.
I drained changed the oil, coolant, and rear gear lube...Lifted tank for access to rad cap and after changing the coolant I hooked a hose to the fuel line opening pulled from petcock, and while pouring fuel into a funnel up on other end of tube held @ eye level started the bike...It ran 20 sec or so then quit...So I started again and it ran less...So put that fuel line back in place, pushed the tank back on, started it and waited until coolant was visible coming onto rag have way down from cap...Thought all was well until next day when pulled out of shed and started....Ran about 20 sec and quit...Happened 3 - 4 times till I quit because of drain on battery..Hooked the trickle charger up to it and after coming home @ night charge lite was off meaning charged...Before starting took a real good look around everywhere I was working on it and found a tiny hose (perhaps a breather) disconnected from left rear side of pet cock...Put that back on and started...Seemed OK....Next day started up but had a backfire on decel...Has had it since...I saw mentioned on here "should not need choke" well I did try using it briefly but stopped when had no affect.....
I'm nervous about riding this awesome machine to Florida from Pa like this because I know this issue can't be good for the engine, carbs etc.
Any help deeply appreciated.
Thanks soooo much,
PS. Has drag pipes but did not backfire prior to doing this work on it.

Hans&Feet 07-10-2019 01:04 PM

You probably have an open vacuum hose at petcock.
Two "Tee" fittings, several hoses, one to PAIR valve if you have it.
Intake manifold is vacuum source.

Vacuum Hoses also crack on the interior causing vacuum leaks.

You can read Eurodude adventures because he pulled a vacuum hose off.

steveroy60 07-11-2019 07:11 AM

Welcome from Daytona Beach, enjoy and ride safely.:smile2:

Blaine C 07-11-2019 07:42 AM

You have a vacuum leak......Most likely at T under tank.

buster711 07-12-2019 11:59 AM

Thanks..will check that ASAP

buster711 07-12-2019 12:03 PM

thanks for the direction...gonna check that soon as i can

Bruin 07-12-2019 12:53 PM

Are you using regular or hi-test gas?????

buster711 07-12-2019 02:32 PM

93 octane

Chicago-Spike 07-12-2019 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by buster711 (Post 4600166)
93 octane

Honda engineers designed the bike to run best on the lowest octane available. Use the lowest octane fuel

Bubblechaser 07-12-2019 06:22 PM

Good riding to you sir. I have a 2007 vtx1300c that had decel back firing problems. I corrected the problem by de-smogging the bike.Not only did it clear the backfire but the bike runs fantastically better. There are several forums here on it. You may consider this option. Good luck and ride safe.

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