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I Have No Intention Of Watching It Anyway...

Warning, Language!

Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl can be found in the rap hit “Dreams and Nightmares,” by Meek Mill. But which more truthfully could be named after a line in the song: "The Murder Game" or "All I Know Is Murder."

Everything about how far professional football has fallen and how the NFL celebrates the obscene, the vulgar, the dangerous, and the foolish will be on full display as that song blares as the Eagles take the field.

This song that the Eagle players have chosen is about guns, drugs, money, bitches, and murder, over and over and over. Just like the rest of Meek Mill songs, which also include a healthy dollop of the evils of the white man.

We do not know whether the Eagles will be kneeling prior to the big game as they have during the season. Or whether they will be following the dictates of their union which, after accepting $100 million from the owners, decided that white racism and police brutality were not so bad after all.

Meek Mill will not be there. He’s in the joint. The slammer. All for a violating his parole over and over and over. All for committing crimes over and over and over.

The Eagles don’t think that is fair. Don’t you know that crime is the new black entitlement? The mayor and district attorney of the City of Brotherly Love certainly do: That was their platform during their recent elections.

The Eagles and Meek Mill adopted each other, with the Eagles and other Meek Mill partisans selling eager reporters on one fairy tale after another of police misconduct, judicial corruption, and circumstantial evidence.
But they do not talk about what is in Meek Mill’s music.

Meek Mill is huge and rich and not hiding anything. He loves to write songs about himself, even though most music lovers at the Super Bowl will have no idea what he is saying -- largely because most of his lyrics are just too obscene to reproduce in anything resembling a news outlet that frowns on explicit obscenity.
#MeToo anyone?

So if you find yourself at a Super Bowl party, and want The Ish to get real -- real fast -- just ask anyone, as innocently as you can, if they can tell you what that song is about. Then offer to help. A few excerpts from Dreams and Nightmares.
Meek Mill starts off by talking about how he made it big and how he is surrounded by jealous people who hate him for his wealth, especially his foreign cars and the lovely ladies who love to keep him company.

No crawlin', went straight to walkin' with foreigns in my garages.
All foreign bitches ménagin', *******', suckin' and swallowin’.
Anything for a dollar, they tell me "Get 'em!", I got 'em
I did it without an album
I did **** with Mariah
Lil' nigga, I'm on fire
Icy as a hockey rink, Philly nigga, I'm flyer
When I bought the Rolls Royce they thought it was leased

Lovely ladies and expensive foreign cars take up a few more beats, then he gets back to guns and murder.

These niggas tryna take my life, they **** around and get killed…
All I know is murder, when it come to me
I got young niggas that's rollin', I got niggas throwin' B's
I done did the DOA's,

Then after a pause to tell people how he and his killers like riding around Miami Beach rioting and robbing -- a popular pastime for the fellas during Black Beach Week -- he gets back to more killing. Because that is what “real niggas” do:

If you ain’t about that murder game the, pussy nigga, shut up!
If you diss me in your raps, I’ll get yo’ pussy stuck up.

Which is what apparently happened at the BET awards in 2016, on video, when Meek Mill and his crew attacked a rival rapper and romantic rival.

After more talk of his Rolls Royce cars, he gets back to the lovely ladies and how they love his money and what it was like when he first made money selling lots of drugs.
It was somethin' about that Rollie when it first touched my wrist
Had me feelin' like that dope boy when he first touched that brick

Dang, I just realized I left out several references to large-scale drug purchases. I’d go back and insert them into this article, but for some reason I am feeling kind of sick.

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Just another excellent reason not to watch. Maybe find a 50 year old rerun of Mayberry to watch!
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Originally Posted by BobD View Post
Just another excellent reason not to watch. Maybe find a 50 year old rerun of Mayberry to watch!
Most of what I watch on tv nowadays is re-runs because what the industry is putting out now is pure crap! I listen to music more than watch tv anyway...and by music I mean the old stuff also. Damn, I guess I am old...lol

And I quit watching football when all the kneeling crap started, so I won't be watching the stupid bowl.

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Don't care to watch it. Only interested if my numbers come in.

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Is there football today? IDC!
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Angry Love football-just not pro.

I love to watch--and play in olden days. But have not watched a single game this year due to all the knelling crap. Also got tired of seeing players dance around for doing something they are paid millions to do anyway. Nothing but thugs and pansy owners. Will not disrespect my country or Marine Corps by giving them one second of my time!!
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I'm the outlier for this thread. I'm watching the game and sort of half-heartedly cheering for Patriots. But knowing that the Eagles are embracing scum/thug rap makes it lots easier to hope they get their asses beat.
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Not a football fan so it's no big deal to me. I don't watch but would boycott. I like baseball an if they try that crap I'll never watch a game again. It's a stupid sport game and not the place to protest just like the freeway is no place to protest. An as to rap music, it's disgusting crap. I just can't understand why any white person would listen to it.
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No winners here yet. There are four people betting 1 million each on the eagles. Also 1 person also bet on the eagles as he put down 3 million dollars down. He can win between 5 and 6 million.
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When is the Super Bowl supposed to be aired? I thought it was getting close.
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