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Hans&Feet 10-14-2019 11:19 PM

A few days at Crusin the Coast
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More than 8000 registered vintage and antique cars.
Several hot cars rolling on the streets.
Last year was my first visit, second time there last week.
More 55 - 57 Chevy than anything thing else.
Stock, near stock, Rat rods, Rat trucks, strange custom built and many rods out there.
Blue Corvette broke something.
Bad azz Camaro seemed to have the most power.
Hard Rock Cafe and a short full power run on US Hwy 90 west.
No police action noticed, they were helping out with the festivities.
They were in full force in Biloxi on the day many, many cars parked in the downtown area.
The next day the downtown area of Ocean Springs was the show place.

lofty 10-15-2019 02:54 AM

Oh, to be one of the rich and shameless ! These cars make owning three bikes look a little sad. Nothing beats horsepower. Life is short, live for today

DarkShadow 10-15-2019 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by lofty (Post 4615062)
Oh, to be one of the rich and shameless ! These cars make owning three bikes look a little sad. Nothing beats horsepower. Life is short, live for today

I've never owned any classic cars or trucks for a hobby but I have respect for those who do, there's some really cool stuff, I've been to a few local classic car and truck events went to some on my motorcycle, that's the nice thing, you can go to these events on your bike. Chances are there will be a few other motorcycles there also. I've always been into motorcycles as a hobby. I currently have two. Advantages motorcycles have over vehicles is storage space it takes and insurance costs. With a classic vehicles your paying insurance year round and only driving the vehicle a few times in the year. It's more of a hobby for richer people.

eperk 10-15-2019 07:55 AM

I live in North Mississippi and saw a mid sixties black and white Fairlane that a couple from Australia bought. Cool car. They were going to drive Route 66 and ship it home.
Never been to Cruisin The Coast. We have The Blue Suede Cruise in Tupelo. Not as big but pretty cool.

rangers4u 10-15-2019 09:22 AM

Just watch any Mecum or Barrett-Jackson auction, where you can pick up some pretty classy old cars for a lot less than it took their builders to make them. Still, many of us hope to hit a Lotto then we can finally afford one or more.

Curt E 10-15-2019 09:29 AM

Always a good show, and excellent food!

Hans&Feet 10-15-2019 11:08 AM

8 Attachment(s)
Classic cars and Rat Rods! Most of these pix are in downtown Ocean Springs, MS

Back around 1969/70 I replaced the standard coil springs with a straight front axle.
At some time there were four 55-57 Chevy cars with straight axles on them in the local area.
A good rainfall and it flooded often so being jacked up was a good thing(New Orleans area).

[email protected] 10-15-2019 11:17 PM

I loved in long Beach and Gulfport for about 8 years. Cruisin the coast was one of the coolest things ever. A girl driving a AMX in the long Beach parade pulled a wheelie on hwy 90 , cop gave her 2 thumbs up.

Xerothermic 10-19-2019 12:04 PM

I love car shows. They remind me of my older brother, RIP, who was a car/drag strip nut. I use to help him swap out rear ends so he could drive to the drag strips around Ohio/Michigan. He ran every car out there in the beginning until he settled on a '67 Chevy II Nova (327). He would giggle when he found out he was running against a Mustang, GTO or pretty much anything else except another Chevy II then he would get serious.

Thanks for posting up those pictures and stirring up good memories.

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