VTXOA - Hans&Feet's Album: VTX pix, a small sample
VTX pix, a small sample
VTX World Record Ride Hans was there!
xs850sh 01
Hans riding Tail of the Dragon 15aug2011
VTX 1300 PAIR reed valve block
VTX1300 charging ckt
1st   2nd clutch cables 00284lr
9003 hb2 H4 bulb
ICM wires tape
VTX leds on the VTX DSC09993
TS wire diagram
HL Hi leds day 09844very sm
My VTX red VTX
VSS wires
1300 Oil viscosity temp chart
led panel
IPG Oscope info
Dual led tester for 12v
Stator short
Dragon's Tail....8oct2010lr
Tail of the Dragon 2July2011
steering stem nut socket lr
Oil pressure switch
7 29 2005 Hal cuffed lr
Brake sw2
VTX exh pipe weld2
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