VTXOA - Zym's Album: Mods
Contains the pics that are in my Mods link.
left side fairing mount
right side fairing mount
final finish on fairing
fabricated fairing mount
drink holder without cup in it
drink holder with cup in it
latest comparison to original bike
Tand and fender bibs and seat studs.
Installed rear fender bib, tank bib, and seat studs.
Hidden hitch mounted in rear fender.
Hidden hitch mounted on bike sans fender.
License plate back for laid-down look.
Gold pinstriping tape laid into the indentations at the bottom of the front fender.  Rear fender is also done.
View of the J-bolts and how they hook to the saddlebag bracket.
Shows tool bag mounted to the bracket.
Shows front view of the tool bag bracket.
Tool bag bracket fabricated.
This is how my Retro looked right after I purchased it.
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