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General Information

Spirit 750 (VT750DC)
Red (flames on tank)
Cobra pipes, Mustang seat, backrest, Billski taillight, bullet turn signals, spotlights, MS Fats windshield, and more
Bought new in '03, along with wife's '02 VLX600. Almost got a Night Train Softtail about a week earlier, but wife didn't have a 'good feeling' about the deal, so walked away. Next, we're out running errands, and she asks to stop in the Honda shop to see what they have. I immediately see this red Shadow Spirit 750 with flames on the tank, thinking it's an 1100, but when sales guys says it's a 750, tossed it out of my head, thinking it's not 'big enough' for the both of us, thinking she would ride behind me. So, I'm looking at VTXs and GWs, and she goes down the row from the Spirit and sits on the VLX. "I can ride this one!" she says.
2003 Honda Spirit 750 (VT750DC) (Red (flames on tank))


Changed tires initially to King tires; 110/90-19 (vs stock 110/80-19) front and 170/80-15 (vs stock 150/80/15) rear, and bike performed BETTER. When those wore out at about 25k miles, couldn't find them, so had to change to Dunlops, but don't like them.
Cobra pipes was one of the first installs done.
Changed rear sprocket to 39-tooth, initially, and liked it, but went to 38-tooth last time, and like it even more.
Bought clutch springs, and planning on installing them when do 4 degree mod and change oil and filter.
Installed a smoke Spitfire windshield, but it was too small, then soon after got a deal on the Ruby MS Fats off eBay for $50 WITH mounting hardware. Like it, but think it 'pushes' too much wind when bucking a strong headwind, which I do in the mountains of my area quite often in the spring-fall.
Lightning kit to move the forward controls, supposedly, 3 inches out, but it's actually a 3" plate, and only moved them about 1.5" ahead. Would love to move them out about 4" altogether, or get the Mapam forward controls instead, since I think they look better.
Installed flame theme grips, pegs, and mirrors.
Mustang seat was the BEST move!
Wheel and Tire
Changed the sockets in the stock rear turn signals for 1157 types from auto store, and turned them into running/turn lights, painting the lenses red, as well as the radiator shroud, but didn't like the way the turns 'stuck out' on the back, so changed them for small bullets, but they're so small I can't change out the sockets in them. Had one of the shrouds on the spotlights 'stolen', so had to take them off, and put back on the 4" ones, but they wouldn't fit with the MS Fats, so had to make brackets to push them further forward, so they wouldn't 'rub'.
Son just got me a new set of small spotlights, speakers, and a couple other chrome pieces for Christmas, so will be installing them, soon, along with a chrome spike air cleaner, but will need to change the jets when install that one.



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