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  1. Wanted or WTB VTX Classifieds
    Would like to buy frame with title for 05 vtx 1800r
  2. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hey all, My FI light has come on a couple times this week. Mostly when at a stop light at idle for a couple minutes. The bike dies if I do not twist the throttle a bit. Tried searching for FI but that is to short for a search and adding light to the end gets me all the posts on head lights, tail...
  3. 1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    2006 1800R - Black (Purchased new Aug 2008) Excellent condition Lots of Chrome Kuryakyn Hwy Bars New Flame grips and mirrors Drink holders Passenger floorboards Cobra luggage rack and backrest 2 - Switchblade windshields (2 up and bug screen with storage case) Mustang seats and saddlebags Sound...
  4. Wanted or WTB VTX Classifieds
    Looking for a set of stock front turn signal holder clamps for my 2003 1800R with exposed fork tubes. Already got the signals, just need both left and right clamp assemblies. Need 'em ASAP. E-mail if you have a set you wanna sell. Thanks.
  5. 1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    Free to a good home. Just pay shipping. RJ Out-Rider
  6. 1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    $150 + shipping gets you a set of used studded leather bags with ez brackets for a 2003 1800 R with Honda deluxe rails. will post pictures later. Thanks, RJ Out-Rider
  7. 1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    Stock Seats (like new less than 500 miles) $75 SOLD - Stock Passenger Foot Pegs $25 SOLD - Stock License Plate Holder $10 Dave Deerfield, WI
  8. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Can anyone tell me if the Retro front fender will fit a Neo model without modification? I've no access to technical manuals and can't make heads or tails out of the online parts breakdowns. If I decide to put a Retro front fender on my Neo, do I need different hardware? Been looking for a Neo...
  9. Wanted or WTB VTX Classifieds
    Looking for a good condition seat and wide passenger seat that will fit a 06 1800R. Misses needs a better seat! Thanks!
  10. General MC Message Board
    Hey Ya'll, Well, just bought a new 07 1800 Retro and now Im looking for some good bags to go along with it and need some advice. Im looking for some hard bags but leather like. I need some decent size bags and also able to lock them as well. Im also looking to put some new exhaust on as...
  11. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I have a 2002 VTX 1800R. I was out yesterday for about an hour. I stopped at a store for a few minutes, and when I went to fire it up, I got my fuel pump sound, but nothing else. My headlights did not come on with the ignition switch and pushing the starter switch got nothing. After MUCH...
1-11 of 13 Results