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  1. New and buying

    New Member Introductions
    Hello my new internet friends, just joined the forum to ask few questions and potentially become a long time member. After countless days of research, watching YouTube videos I decided to buy my “first” motorcycle. Looking to buy a 2006 VTX from these guys 2006 Honda VTX 1300 R - The Cycle Co. I...
  2. Decent Price??

    General MC Message Board
    I've looked at a 1300 s recently and was wondering if the price is fair. Asking is $3800 from an individual. Its a 2006 with a little extra chrome, saddleman studded bags, clear lenses on the tail light and rear blinkers, passenger back rest, aftermarket floorboards (flames), loud blinker alarm...
  3. Just bought V&H Cruzers what do i need to do

    General MC Message Board
    I just bought vance and hines cruzers for my 07 vtx 1300c. is there anything special i need to do or do i just bolt them on?
  4. Airborne la brown lens/gloss black frame

    General MC Message Board
    Has anyone tried the "AIRBORNE LA BROWN LENS/GLOSS BLACK FRAME glasses"? If so do the light adjusting lenses really work in the dark? What about comfort on your face? Are they worth it? Thanks.
  5. Want Advice on Internal Wiring of Handlebars

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    I'm planning on running the wires inside my Super Radius Handlebars this winter. I have a shop manual with the wiring diagram. Can anyone give me the benifit of their experience doing this? I couldn't find anything on the How To, Step by Step Board. Any information like: What gauge wire did...
  6. New Owner

    General MC Message Board
    Hello Everyone I am a proud, new owner of an '02 VTX 1800/R. I have a few questions about it. Mostly, what are the differences between the models? Also, I need an owners manual. Can anyone help me out and be able to ship to Canada? Also, any advice to a new owner of such a powerful machine...