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  1. 1300 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    It runs like a top and looks phenomenal. MUST GO price! Perfect starter bike! I hate to give it up, but I have a daughter on the way and we need a car instead. It is a great ride and perfect for your first ride, as it was mine. Comfortable and minimal maintenance. Final drive does not require...
  2. 1800 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    I have the original OEM saddle and bitch seat for an 2002 1800C. Never used and kept clean inside a closet. Can box it and ship it anywhere at your request and expense. Bolts NOT included. Make offer. 702.300.7727
  3. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I just got a new set of NGK Irridium spark plugs delivered from AMAZON for $29.95!!:mrgreen: I looked on eBay and found the cheapest set was $55+! I found these on Amazon for $9.65 per plug +/- with free shipping!!! Then Amazon gave me a $10 off coupon for some reason! Not sure exactly why, but...
  4. General MC Message Board I'm in the market for the cheapest saddle bags and this appears to be the most bang for the buck. we are planning a big trip...
1-4 of 5 Results