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  1. upgrading my vtx 1300c to chopper look, but with digital dashboard and modern style

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    Hi Guys, I'm doing some research to figure out the best way to modify my VTX1300 ( this is my first bike, as i am a new biker) to be chopper like but with modern digitized electronic/dashboard look. i found the below parts, so please advice! - KewlMetal 45* Pro Street Rake Kit w/ full length...
  2. Custom bike for sale

    Just Stuff 4 Sale and Just Stuff WTB
    Don't worry, I still own a couple VTX's and I'm keeping those. :smile: Looking to sell my Custom Bike. I just don't ride it, more of a show piece. Click the link for all the details and pics. Built by Aaron Greene. Cost me over $45k new. I'm asking $20k. Pass it around or make an offer if you...
  3. 2004 VTX 1300C Custom Chopped for Sale (Las Vegas)

    1300 Classifieds-For Sale Only
    Hey all, I'm considering selling my 2004 VXT 1300c: $5250 O.B.O. (Price Reduced!) Clean and Clear, Title in hand. Only 19600 Miles Lots of work has been done to her as you can see. Since these pictures were taken I have also added: MB Products 10.5 Inch Shocks A Custom Dynamics...
  4. More Random Comments

    Honda Fury Comments about the New Honda Fury Chopper
  5. 1/15/09 New Honda Fury Video

    Honda Fury
    Just watched the new Honda Fury Chopper video for the dealers. My impression of the video is that the FURY looks very clean and neat. Actually a nice looking bike. The Blue that was shown on a magazine cover is actually a washed out blue. The real bike is much bluer than the one on the cover...
  6. Honda Fury Picture

    Honda Fury
    I am borrowing this photo off the board to test and post it with the appropriate info to see if it will pop up in a Google Search 2010 Honda Fury Chopper VTX1300
  7. New Fury Pic- I like it

    Honda Fury
    I think it looks pretty cool and I can see a lot of potential in this bike. Pipes and a rear fender kit comes to mind. They did a great job at hiding the radiator from the side view too. :thumbup: The only thing I can say I hate is the rear fender. It needs to follow the lines of the wheel. They...
  8. this may be it

    Honda Fury
    released today in the press. looks to me like a mix of parts that they had left over and couldn't decide which way to go back end like 1800c front has a neo type mudguard. peanut tank looks small, vtx hasn't the best mileage as it stands now, would like to now how far this will go. gotta say...
  9. They used the wrong words to describe the FURY

    Honda Fury
    I think Honda used the wrong words to describe the FURY. After looking at the supposed drawings I think that the PRO-STREET is closer to what we are going to get than the word CHOPPER. So maybe if they had used the word Pro-Street from the beginning we would have viewed it in a different...