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  1. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    I sold my 1300R and have a few items that are brand new. All Balls Front Wheel Bearings PN: WHL 25-1382 - Asking $20 plus shipping All Balls Rear Wheel Bearings PN: WHL 25-1383 - Asking $30 plus shipping OEM Front Brake Pads PN: 06455-MEA-672 - Asking $20 plus shipping OEM Rear Brake Pads PN...
  2. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hi All, I have 2001 VTX1800R. I pulled the bike out of storage this past weekend and the bike fired up as usually. I took for about 30 minute ride but I noticed a coolant smell when I pulled up to stoplight. I immediately headed back home to check it out. I searched all over and I couldn't...
  3. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Just notice my coolant resouvior is filled with black fluid. Is this oil mixing with coolant? 2005 1300R with 18000miles? It was laid down on right side for a minute, would that be the cause? Thanks again. Jay (newbie)
  4. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Does anyone know what would cause my coolant bottle to get sucked in? I've replaced 2 so far. It cracks and leaks when it happens. Any suggestions would be helpful
  5. Texas
    I have 8qts of 10-40 Amsoil and a filter for an 06 1300C. Got a new bike so no longer need. I will throw in the coolant and if i can find it the manual as well. Asking $50 nego. If interested PM me i am in San Antonio.
  6. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Does anyone know if I can access the coolant resevour by removing the speedo or do I have to take the tank completely off? Really not looking foward to replacing the coolant, seems beyond my skill level
  7. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    My husband has a 2005 new-to-him 1800R and it has a radiator leak. He just put on Cobra Fatty bars last night and no trouble before this. He thought he had a loose hose because there was a coolant leak dripping from the hose location. Tightened the hose clamp last night. The drip appeared...
1-7 of 8 Results