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  1. 2002 vs 2007

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I have a stock 2002 vtx that runs awesome. I recently aquired a stock 2007, and the 2002 will smoke it. Is there something they did at the factory to detune the newer ones? I have done all of the regular checks, plugs, air filter, fuel, etc... Thanks.
  2. Noob? -- VTX 1800 detuned?

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hi. I am 6'6" / 35" inseam / 300 lbs and a new rider. I'm trying to decide between a VTX1300 and VTX1800, as many have. The 1300, with a carb, will have a more forgiving throttle. It will be lighter, but ... it is structurally smaller. The 1800 with F.I. and more HP/TP will get up and go...