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    Hello all, I've got an 02 1800c that I just did the standard upgrades to (Vance Hines bigshots minus baffles, Kuryakin Hypercharger Pro & Power Commander III). I had it Dyno tuned post upgrade, but not before. The results were around 100 HP & 120 ft lbs at the rear wheel. I'm wondering what...
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    I'd like to tune my bike. '08 1800F2 I'm going to be changing the intake/fuel management/exhaust. From my searches I have read to "make sure you have your bike dyno'd by a competent tech". My question is: "How do I figure out if my tech is competent?" I have used the phrase "He knows enough...
  3. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Can anyone please tell me what these Dyno results mean? I'm not sure how to read these. It's from a 2002 1800 with 30k on it. Totally stock with nothing removed and ground fix done.