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  1. Rides, Trips, and Events
    I had a great time on the 11th Las Vegas HD Frosty Balls Poker run. Its Starts in Las Vegas off Eastern and Sahara.that is were I pulled my first card out of the bag Ace of Spades Jump on the HWY 15S To This market off 161. Were I pulled a K of Clubs! (sorry i just cant remember the name of the...
  2. New Hampshire
    2nd annual poker run (revised) 8/4/2012 registration starts 9:15 am ksu 1030 am-My father passed away of lung cancer after a short hard fight of 4 months. Watching the strongest man I've ever met become weak, was a painful reminder of the bad things that are out there, lung cancer is one of the...
  3. General MC Discussions
    SW Florida VTX riders anyone interested in meeting up for the event ? 6-10 pm old town Fort Myers.- google Ft Myers bike night for added details.--- let me know :doorag:
1-3 of 3 Results