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  1. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    To start I have a VTX 1300c with Bub pipes(no baffles) and a Kuryakyn hypercharger. I purchased the bike about 2 years ago and I do not currently know the numbers on the mainjet or pilot. The bike had all these things on it when I bought it. The bike has always felt "sluggish" on take off and...
  2. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    I've got a 2005 1300C and have recently noticed that it starts sputtering at low rpms, once I get it up to 2500-3000 range it smoothes out. I've checked the plugs and they seem to be ok, don't look to be fouled. Anybody have this problem or have suggestions how to trouble shoot this issue?
  3. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hey guys, filled up the other night and the next day, had problems starting my 1300S. Cranks but doesn't turn over like it's out of gas. Eventually, it started but had the same problem the next few times I tried it with a couple of hours/ beers inbetween. The petcock may have been in the...
1-3 of 3 Results