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  1. Fuel Pump fuse blows when bike gets turned on (2002 VTX 1800c)

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I was riding and when I took a turn the bike shut off. Got it home and replaced the 30 amp fuse fuse and it started right up no problem. Took off for a test run and made several sharp turns and then on the next turn the fuse blew again. This time I had several replacement fuses and they blew one...
  2. Trouble starting; fuel injectors, fuel filter, or fuel pump?

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Recently bought a 2007 vtx 1800R. It's got about 14k miles. I bought it in Dallas, and before I rode it to San Antonio (5hr ride not including traffic and stops) I did some upkeep. Changed out the spark plugs (which looked like they hadn't ever been changed), air filter (which was pretty...
  3. Fuel Tank Q 2003 VTX 1800C model

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I had a small incident and have a decent sized dent on the left side of my fuel tank right ere the emblem is. (2003 1800C Model). For repair purposes I would like to be able to get to the inner side of the tank to beat the dent out a bit before bondo & paint. I have never had the fuel pump off...
  4. VTX1800 '02-'04 internal Fuel Pump $20 Replacement

    VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Anyone looking to replace their internal tank fuel pump, you can get pumps off ebay that are exact copies and direct replacements for the Denso 195130 pumps that Honda installed at the factory. Search Ebay for E8229 many sellers selling for under $20 shipped. Reused all of my original parts...