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  1. Honda Fury
  2. Honda Fury
    I have seen sat and then almost dropped the Fury. Let me Tell you its F*****G nice very clean 1300 fi 200 rear tire and a 38 degree rake. Comes to dealers in March. All wires are hidden low seat. we tried to roll off the honda area with it. Long tank only 3.1 Galls. No price If you wants some...
  3. Honda Fury
    I admit I was somewhat skeptical, but it was clean, and felt really, really good. R&D guys that drove it said it handles well fast and slow, and sounds even a bit deeper than the 1300. I was sold. There were alot of good remarks, alot.
  4. Honda Fury
    Looks like the pics leaked a little early.
  5. Honda Fury
    I think it looks pretty cool and I can see a lot of potential in this bike. Pipes and a rear fender kit comes to mind. They did a great job at hiding the radiator from the side view too. :thumbup: The only thing I can say I hate is the rear fender. It needs to follow the lines of the wheel. They...
  6. Honda Fury
    So someone in the know jump in, I'm thinking the if the new Fury has fuel injection, then there is the possibilty that more HP can be pulled out of the 1300. What do you guys think?:tools:
  7. Honda Fury
    How about a list that addresses the Positives versus Negatives of the Fury. Positive would be that it's a Honda. Negative would be that its late to market. What else on both sides?
  8. Honda Fury
    Less than 3 weeks to go and we will all know what the real choice is. Disappointed in the other pictures that were posted by the guy from the Spanish site. He completely bolixed this up. Here is the only picture relative to the Fury.
  9. Honda Fury
    Do a search on Honda Fury and it should look like this: Honda Fury Search Hal @ Honda Direct Line 1 Minute Ago by Hal @ Honda Direct Line 8116General MC Message Board future of the 1300....chopper 2010 v-dog 1 Minute Ago by Chicago-Spike 14401VTX 1300 Riders Board Some Thoughts...
  10. Honda Fury
    Not a hybrid, not electric, its a chopper No new photos available. Frame to be color matched to bike Cables inside handlebar Specs for 2010 Honda Fury Fuel Inj 1312cc liq cooled 52 degree v-twin engine 5 spd shaft Wheelbase 71.24 in" Rake Caster Angle 38.0 Degree Total 32.5 frame...
  11. Honda Fury
    After thinking about the little bit of info that we got yesterday from Honda and looking at the picture I came to a wild conclusion: its a hybrid. Thats why they covered up the bottom of the bike and its why they made the statements that they did. It all points at nothing else. An air cooled gas...
  12. Honda Fury
    The pictures are still murky as they didn't show the complete bike. Just some stuff to whet the appetite.
1-14 of 14 Results