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  1. GPS/MP3/Electronic mc devices
    This is a copy of a blog post I just made at I just got back from my first ride using the SMH10 Bluetooth Headset/Intercom and well… color me impressed. I’ve used only one other motorcycle intercom system, and that was a good 18 years ago. It was only designed for...
  2. General MC Message Board
    Any great suggestions for the ultimate intercom for my 03 VTX 1800 R? I am undecided on wired in and helmet mounted but am looking for the ultimate one that allows me to listen to radio mostly(duplex) but answer phone without rider hearing conversation
  3. GPS/MP3/Electronic mc devices
    I'm looking for a helmet intercom system, either driver to driver or driver to passenger. I bought a pair a year ago and they work like crap. You can only hear at about 40-50mph Does anyone know of any good brands out there that work really well? Do they mount inside your helmet?
1-3 of 3 Results