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  1. Trip up into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada 7/21 - 28

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    We're leaving Saturday, July 21st from York Maine, traveling up the coast, to Calais, Maine, overnight, then into New Brunswick (Sussex area) where we're renting a cabin for 5 days. Returning via Boothbay Harbor, ME for an overnight there on the 27/28th. Traveling with 3 VTX's - my 1800S, my...
  2. Maine to Sturgis 2010

    I'm interested in finding a group, or creating a group to ride from Massachusetts (Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine welcome also) to Sturgis 2010. Anyone interested? It's a 30+ hour ride. We could do it in 3-4 days. I'd like to arrive sometime before Aug 9 and leave on the 16th...