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  1. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    Great shape. They are about $145 new. Asking for $75(includes shipping) obo.
  2. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    VTX1300 smoke windshield and mounting hardware. Chrome smooth mounts. $135 (includes shipping) obo. Fits: VTX1300C 2004-2009 VTX1300R 2005-2009 VTX1300S 2003-2008 VTX1300T 2008-2009
  3. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I bought some Road King bags on ebay and am wondering if anyone knows the best universal mounting brackets to use in order to get them on my 03 1800S?
  4. General MC Discussions
    Looking for input or recommendations on saddlebags for my black 07' VTX 1300R. Would prefer painted to match hardbags (i think) but not sure. Could probably be happy with leather.. Do they sag and get weather worn quickly? Are some mounting setups superior? Are Rakaposhi worth a damn? They seem...
1-4 of 5 Results