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    Hi everyone. I've been riding for years and had to sell my last bike a while back due to a financial set back. Last week my son bought me a 2003 VTX1300. I feel like it might be too much bike for this tall skinny guy but I'm gonna give her hell! She needs a little TLC Also, does anyone know if...
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    Howdy. Getting a VTX 1800S3 this week. Excited as all get out. Never had one before. Its a 2006 with 9000 miles, drag pipes and drag bar. Wish me luck!
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    Hello my new internet friends, just joined the forum to ask few questions and potentially become a long time member. After countless days of research, watching YouTube videos I decided to buy my “first” motorcycle. Looking to buy a 2006 VTX from these guys 2006 Honda VTX 1300 R - The Cycle Co. I...
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    Howdy all. Picked up a clean ‘93 VTX 1300 and taking the time to go over everything. Wondering if there are any other owners in this area. Haven’t ridden in 20 years at age 61 on a Sporster. Going to take my time single and then double with my bride next summer. Looking for tips. Thanks for any...