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  1. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2006 VTX 1300C haven't been able to ride much. I bought it with only 5k miles and it has Vance and Hines pipes and it backfires like crazy. I have the OEM pipes, should I put them back on.
  2. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    i am looking for a fairing radio and speakers and some new pipes. anyone have any ideas?? i like cobra dragsters.. let me know
  3. For Sale VTX 1800 Related
    I am moving and don't have time to deal with selling my old pipes so if anyone locally wants them they are yours for the taking. There is a small scuff on the tail end. if interested email me at [email protected] I live in Fort Worth Texas.
  4. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    Hi Gang, I am looking to take my bike I bought back to stack exhaust from Vance and Hines. Anyone got a cheap set lying around? Thanks Jim in NC 2003 VTX 1300s
  5. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hello, This is m first post I have a VTX 1300R and was made in 2005 in the USA and do I have a problem ?, he bike has Cobra pipes fitted ad the carb re jetted and the bike runs fine but on deceleration it pops ( Not a backfire) , This was all fitted to bike before I bought it, did the bike have...
  6. General MC Discussions
    :confused:Hi i own a VTX 1300s 2005 with V&H bigshots and found out about Mortons customs and was wondering if i should swap or stay with my current set up? i am looking at the down and outs from mortons but i believe they are both the sae dB level. Thank yall for your input.:confused:
  7. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    These pipes just came off of my 2005 Vtx1300C. They only have ~3500 miles on them. The chrome is in pretty good shape. They are a bit dirty in the pictures but they shine up really nice. Comes with everything to install it EXCEPT the acorn nuts that bolt it to the studs on the head. All other...
  8. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    For sale my stock pipes VTX 1300C 2007 ~ I had these pipes redone through vtxexhaust. They have a nice deep grumble to them. The pipes have a small area with minor blemish and I tried to get a decent photo to show this yet very minimal. Price $250 with shipping included.
  9. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    I have a brand new set of mufflers off of my 2008 VTX 1300 C. They were removed new and never left the showroom. I've had them bagged and stored so they are perfect. No hardware included. These should fit 2003-2008 1300s. Honda part # HA-MEA-A1 Asking $200 plus shipping Please email...
  10. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    I saw this photo and need help with getting pipes like these on my VTX 1300 R/S. Anyone know where I can get these for my bike? Thanks!
  11. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    I have an 1800R that is new to me. It has a Hypercharger pro, PC3, Hanes and Vance pipes. It gets 28mpg consistently no matter how I drive it. I am not concerned about gas mileage but have read many posts about running rich or lean as related to gas mileage. The bike has 17000 miles on it My...
  12. New England
    I'm looking for a side cover, handle bars, and exhaust. I was in an accident, I'm riding again, but it's just not the same! I can't offer much, but lets talk! I'm in Southern NH.
  13. For Sale VTX 1800 Related
    Just upgraded to v n h big shots, if any one needs factory set offer 50 $ and there yours.
  14. For Sale VTX 1800 Related
    I now have Cobra Deluxe Slashcuts to offer. This is a full system not slip-ons. I've got 3,300 miles on these pipes. There is some discoloration on the top of the rear pipe but not noticeable unless you are right on top of it. $100 OBO+shipping takes them.
  15. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    I have a set of OEM pipes I took off of my 05 VTX 1300R. for sale $100 They have been sitting in the storage for a couple years. :tools:
  16. For Sale VTX 1800 Related
    Pipes were removed from the bike at 4500km, and replaced with Vance & Hines. I have no need for these pipes, and are only taking up space in my garage. Undamaged in near-new condition, bar some dust. Comes with all required brackets etc. located in Isabella Plains, in the ACT. Make me an...
  17. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hey everyone out there. I made the mistake of putting my leg down when riding as passenger last Saturday and my snow suit melted on hot exhaust pipe. (I'm from Wyoming and just returned from snowmobiling for the day and wanted to let my son take my new (used) vtx for a spin, that's why the snow...
  18. For Sale VTX 1300 Related
    These came off from a 2007 VTX 1300 C model. I am selling these for a friend. I am told that the seat and exhaust were replaced immediately upon purchase of the bike. I cannot vouch for this BUT the seat looks brand new and was wrapped in plastic since the replacement. Pipes also look like they...
1-18 of 36 Results