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  1. Buying 04 honda vtx 1300c

    VTX 1300 Riders Board
    Hello! Everyone! I’m Kawasaki owner and sold mine for good price, now I have no bike!! I was looking for a one and figured the vtx, people just going crazy about it. After very deep looking, found 04 vtx 1300, with 13k miles had 2 owners , comes with jack and 2 helmets and maintenance book. For...
  2. Decent Price??

    General MC Message Board
    I've looked at a 1300 s recently and was wondering if the price is fair. Asking is $3800 from an individual. Its a 2006 with a little extra chrome, saddleman studded bags, clear lenses on the tail light and rear blinkers, passenger back rest, aftermarket floorboards (flames), loud blinker alarm...
  3. AMSOIL - Buying Question

    General MC Message Board
    It looks like I can order from their website.... BUT... They show lists of dozens of people who are dealers in my area. Rather than call a bunch of them, I came here. Do they offer the best brice to buy a couple gallons on the web or should I start calling a bunch of local dealers to see...
  4. Cycle Barn experience

    Went to cycle barn for a new tire Friday AM. My rear tire was fairly worn, and Thursday night Jon found a cut/tear in the tread. I was heading out to Enterpise, Oregon Friday morning. Jon hooked me up with Cycle Barn in Lynnwood. The guy said they had an ME880 and they could put it on first...