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  1. Wanted VTX Classifieds
    The side mount plate is the main thing I need but I am also looking for a set of rear progressive shocks and and a pair of Kury mini bullets to use as rear turn signals. Pm me if you have any of these items. Thanks, Hunter
  2. VTX 1300 Riders Board
    I just picked up a new set of progressive 412s for $100. The only problem is that they are chrome and I hate chrome. Is there a way to disassemble these shocks to have them powder coated?
  3. VTX 1800 Tech Board
    Hello All, I'm the new guy who recently moved up from a 04 1200 Sporty to a basically stock 03 1800R. Love the ride over the jaring Sporty. Quick question: Has anyone rode on a set of 11.5" 412's (Standard Spring Rate)? I'm about 185 and considering buying some to lowering the rear an inch (I...
1-3 of 4 Results